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Setting yourself apart from other Atlanta office parks can be a real challenge.

Often, you’re up against properties pretty similar to yours, so you need to find tangible ways to attract tenants.

One of the first things prospects are going to notice is your landscape, so it better make a good impression. Beyond keeping it maintained and healthy, there are other ways to turn your landscape into a marketing tool.

Here are four landscape features every office park should have if they want to attract tenants.

Something that Grabs Visitors’ Attention

Every office park needs at least one standout feature that attracts some attention and leaves an impression. Here are just a few options:

  • Fountains
  • Stately trees
  • Shade structures (pergola, gazebo, etc.)
  • Ponds

The relaxing sounds of fountains, ponds and other water features will help drown out traffic noise and make tenants feel like they’ve escaped the hustle and bustle.

Landscaping Features in Atlanta Office Park

To make your trees really pop, you can lift the canopy and add a bench underneath. Simple things like that can make a big difference to tenants.

You can also attract people’s eyes to your signage or other important areas with colorful foliage. Using native plants will make your property more sustainable, as well. Just make sure the plants are maintained and don’t grow in front of signage or block visibility.

Place to Kick Back and Relax

Today’s fast-paced environment keeps us going nonstop. Give your tenants a place they can unplug and just enjoy being outside. And in the process, you’ll boost their morale and your occupancy rates.

Place to Relax

Patios are a popular landscape feature that can create an outdoor room. Be sure to add comfortable, modern furniture to the patio. Or, if you want something more permanent, you can install seating walls around the patio.

Make sure there are shaded areas on the patio so people can escape Atlanta’s summer heat. If you don’t have mature trees near the space, you can install shade structures like pergolas or gazebos to block some rays.

You can also incorporate some of the attention-grabbing ideas like water features to create a tranquil environment.

Sense of Security and Safety

Your landscape may look great during the day, but is it just as welcoming at night?

To attract and keep tenants, you need to create a secure, safe environment on your property.

Landscape Lighting in Atlanta

Adding landscape lighting along walkways, buildings, entrances, signage and stairs can increase the sense of safety and security drastically. Make sure the lights cover the entire area and don’t leave dark spots.

Not only will this help ease the minds of tenants, but installing landscape lighting will also deter criminals and even wildlife.

Landscaper Who Understands Your Needs

OK, this one isn’t exactly a landscape feature: But without an experienced landscaper, your office park isn’t going to reach its full potential. (And you could be left dealing with it.)

Make sure they can handle all of your services in-house and truly understand what you want.

At HighGrove Partners, we understand what it takes to catch tenants attention and offer a variety of commercial landscape services to do just that. We can add a wow factor to your property, install landscape lighting, keep it maintained year round and much more. Our teams service Fulton County and the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Contact us at 678-298-0550 or online to see how we can help you attract more tenants.


Last modified: April 6, 2016

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