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It takes a special person with great time-management skills to fill the role of a property manager. Throw in multiple properties, and that ups the ante even more.

Most property managers are understaffed, as well, making work efficiency even more important.

Here are three tips on the best way to manage multiple properties at the same time.

Reduce the Stack of Papers on Your Desk

The more properties you manage, the more paperwork you’re going to have thrown your way.

Papers Stacked on a Desk

Instead of saving hard copies of all of your reports that can get misplaced, stay better organized with online software. Not only can the software keep you from having stacks of paper, but many also offer other helpful features:

  • Marketing tools
  • Online lease agreements
  • Vacancy advertising
  • Resident screening
  • Company financials
  • Maintenance request tracking

Some popular software options for property managers include AppFolio, Buildium, Total Management and Propertyware. These will help keep you and your team members all on the same page, without letting something fall between the cracks.

Create a Communication Plan

The property owners trust you to manage the site without them having to micromanage you.

Communication via cell phoneBut, there are times when you need to share information with them, so it’s important to know how to best reach them.

Every one is different, so ask each owner if they want to be reached by phone, text or email. Contacting them via the way the prefer will increase your chance of reaching them sooner. Plus, they will appreciate it.

You can also create a schedule for when you will give the owners regular updates so they will know when to expect them and to be on the lookout.

Know When to Hire Help

The best leaders know how and when to delegate work. You can’t do everything — at least not well — so it’s important to bring on other professionals to help you with tasks beyond your normal scope of work.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Atlanta

One task you can take off your plate is the property’s landscape maintenance. A landscaping company can keep your landscape maintained, enhanced and even up to code.

Here are some important services to look for beyond lawn maintenance when hiring a landscaper:

Just like the property owners trust you to manage the sites, you need to find a commercial landscaper who knows what they are doing and is proactive with their services.

At HighGrove Partners, our experienced team not only maintains and enhances commercial landscapes, but we also keep property managers updated with our progress. Our goal is not only to make your job easier, but we also work to keep tenants and owners happy with the property.

We provide commercial landscaping services, landscape maintenance and water management for properties throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area and Fulton County.

Contact us at 678-298-0550 or online to request a consultation and estimate for your commercial property.


Last modified: March 30, 2016

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