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Given a choice, most people are going to choose the easier option. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to push Staples’ “Easy” button? It sure would come in handy as you try to keep current homeowners in your HOA happy and attract new ones.

You’re always looking for ways to add value and a wow factor to your HOA, and luckily, there are some easy ways to do that. Here are five landscape enhancements that can improve every HOA in Atlanta.

Plant Around Focal Points

Make focal points more visible and attractive with eye-catching plants.

There are some spots on your HOA that you want to get extra attention. You can make these areas more visible and attractive with eye-catching plants.

Here are a few of the top focal points around your HOA that will benefit from plantings:

  • Entrances
  • Signage
  • Street corners
  • Stop signs
  • Shared facilities (ex. pool, clubhouse, guest parking, etc.)

If you’re low on green space to install plants, or want something a little different, you can create a container garden with planters. Combine different plant varieties, colors, textures and heights to make a statement. It’s a quick way to add pops of color and create highly visible areas.

These may need to be watered by someone in the HOA since they probably won’t be reached by the irrigation system — and maintenance crews only come out every week or two, depending on your contract.

You can also choose planter designs that match nearby structures or signs. Just make sure you replace planters if they get cracks or become discolored. Then, they are actually taking away from your property.

Add New Mulch

Applying mulch will take your tired, dull plant beds and give them new life.

In addition to the refreshing visual benefits, mulch also retains moisture to hydrate your plants and save you money on your water bill. New mulch will help block weeds from growing, as well, helping to make your beds more sustainable.

Mulch wears down and can get blown or washed away during time, so you’ll need to add new mulch annually.

Keep Your Property in Season

Some of our favorite seasonal-color plants for this spring and summer include zinnias, duranta, dragon wing begonias, blue salvia and lantana.

Your HOA doesn’t have an off-season and neither should your landscape. Give your property a wow factor year round with seasonal plant color. Some of our favorite seasonal-color plants for this spring and summer include zinnias, duranta, dragon wing begonias, blue salvia and lantana.

And winters don’t have to be drab and gray. You can enjoy color during the colder months with plants like violas, pansies, cabbage, tulips, snapdragons, winter daphne odora and daffodils.

Color is one of the best (and easiest) ways you can enhance your HOA landscape. The plants can be changed out or added throughout the year for the biggest impact.

Less Can Be More

Pruning is probably already part of your regular HOA commercial landscape services. But when you want to really enhance your property, consider “rejuve” pruning — also known as a hard-cut back — during the winter months.

This process will make overgrown areas look like new plantings and make plants flush back out in the spring — helping you compete with the look of newer neighborhoods homeowners want.

It’s separate from your normal pruning and requires more people and time, but it restores the property’s look to like when it was newly planted. This method will also improve the visibility on your landscape.

Update Your Site Furnishings

New benches for a common area is a fairly inexpensive upgrade that can make a huge difference with your property’s aesthetic value.

You’re always looking for ways to add value to your HOA property, and an easy way to do that is by updating your site’s furnishings.

That could include getting more modern benches for a common area or replacing worn-out garbage cans. These are fairly inexpensive upgrades that can make a huge difference with your property’s aesthetic value.

When you change out the old furnishings, make sure the new ones complement any other structures.

Start Enhancing Your Atlanta HOA Landscape … With HighGrove

Bring these easy enhancements to your HOA with the right landscaping partner. Trust me, your current (and future) homeowners will thank you.

It’s not going to be hard to convince your HOA how important these improvements are and how big of an impact they can have on your community. (Need help making a compelling case? We’re happy to help.)

At HighGrove Partners, we can work with your HOA’s needs, budget and landscape to create a unique plan that will give you the aesthetic value you want. Contact us online or at 678-298-0550 to see how we can enhance your Atlanta HOA’s landscape.


Image: Zinnias, Benches

Last modified: June 9, 2016

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