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Landscape Maintenance, Irrigation & Water Management

5 Landscape Elements You Don’t Want to Screw Up on Your Commercial Property

No commercial property manager wants to invest money in a professionally designed and maintained landscape and realize later that they made...

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Irrigation & Water Management

The #1 Way Commercial Property Managers Can Save Money on Rainy Days

For Atlanta, this year has been a wet one. Last year, Atlanta was at a nearly 5-inch rainfall deficit for the first six months of the year,...

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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Go Green

To develop a “green” project or not to develop a “green” project, that is the comparison. Well, maybe these three points listed...

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Hiring A Landscaper

4 Key Considerations That Provide Maximum ROI for Asset Managers

“Anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and that is held to have positive economic...

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Landscape Maintenance

Controlling Atlanta’s Infamous Broadleaf Weeds: Pigweed and Fireweed

In summer, everything is green and bright. One might even say green is the color of summer. As the sun shines, the dew sparkles on each...

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Plants, Irrigation & Water Management, Tree & Shrub Care

5 Landscape Enhancements That Can Save a Commercial Property Owner Money

I recently had meetings with a senior-level property manager, an asset manager, and a property owner. Although its different market...

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Landscape Design & Construction

5 Trendy Must-Have Site Amenities for Atlanta Multifamily Properties

Multifamily properties are growing in Atlanta and throughout the country. In fact, construction of multifamily units has been growing...

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Landscape Design & Construction, Sustainability

5 Ways HighGrove Partners Can Enhance an Architect’s Profile Through Effective Design Coordination

How many times have you walked onto a property and started critiquing the architecture, interiors, and landscape? We’ve all seen the...

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5 Ways HighGrove Partners is Different Than Your Current Commercial Landscaping Contractor

One of my closest friends also happens to be one of our best customers. Mike is currently an asset manager for a very large company with...

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Last modified: November 12, 2020