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3 Simple Steps To Adding Bold Summer Color To Your Retail Property

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016

Seasonal plant color can have a huge (and immediate) impact on your property’s aesthetic value and make it pop. It really is amazing what some well-picked and placed plants can have on your site.

And now is the perfect time for people to enjoy the outdoors and all of its lively colors.

So if you want to attract shoppers to your retail property — and increase the likelihood of their return — brighten up your landscape with bold summer colors. Here are three simple ways to maximize the looks of your retail site this summer by adding these colorful plants.

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3 Questions To Ask Before Joining An HOA Board

Posted on Thu, April 28, 2016

You love your neighborhood, so it’s no surprise you want to make it better.

One way you can do that is by joining your HOA board to start making a difference. But before you jump in, there are some things you’ll want to figure out.

Here are three questions to ask before becoming an HOA board member.

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5 Time Management Tools For The Busy Multi-Property Manager

Posted on Tue, April 26, 2016

There are never enough hours in the day to do everything on your to-do list. Not only are you in charge of your normal property management duties, but you also have to deal with everything that pops up throughout the day.

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4 Landscape Features Every Office Park Needs to Attract Tenants

Posted on Wed, April 06, 2016

Setting yourself apart from other Atlanta office parks can be a real challenge.

Often, you’re up against properties pretty similar to yours, so you need to find tangible ways to attract tenants.

One of the first things prospects are going to notice is your landscape, so it better make a good impression. Beyond keeping it maintained and healthy, there are other ways to turn your landscape into a marketing tool.

Here are four landscape features every office park should have if they want to attract tenants.

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The Best Way To Manage Multiple Properties (Successfully)

Posted on Wed, March 30, 2016

It takes a special person with great time-management skills to fill the role of a property manager. Throw in multiple properties, and that ups the ante even more.

Most property managers are understaffed, as well, making work efficiency even more important.

Here are three tips on the best way to manage multiple properties at the same time.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Atlanta Commercial Property Marketable (While It's For Sale)

Posted on Wed, March 23, 2016

Your property needs to be at its best 24/7 when it’s on the market.

But, that’s a tall order, especially when you’re probably already wearing too many hats as a property manager.

Start by making some key changes and updates that will add value and attract prospective owners.

Here are three ways you can better market your Atlanta commercial property.

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How To Keep Property Owners and Tenants Happy (At the Same Time!)

Posted on Tue, March 15, 2016

Keeping property owners and tenants happy is a full-time job in itself. And the more owners and tenants you have, the harder it is to ensure they are all satisfied.

Property owners are more concerned with occupancy rates and the financial aspects of the site, while tenants want a safe, secure and attractive property.

So, how can you please them both at the same time?

Here are three ways you can keep your property owners and tenants happy.

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5 Ways To Enhance Your Atlanta Commercial Property with Landscape Lighting

Posted on Mon, February 15, 2016

It’s a competitive market for commercial properties throughout Atlanta, so it’s important to make sure yours stand out in all of the right ways. One way you can do that is by installing landscape lighting.

There is a wide range of benefits of landscape lighting:

  • Security
  • Added Safety
  • Curb Appeal
  • Increase Visibility

It’s easy to see why installing landscape lighting remains a top trend in Atlanta. But, how can you incorporate this feature into your site?

Here are five ways you can enhance your Atlanta commercial property with landscape lighting.

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Shopping Center Signage

Posted on Fri, February 05, 2016

Shopping centers can live or die based on the success of their signage. You need people to not only see your property but also have signs that make them want to stop and shop.

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Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers: Which is Best for Your Commercial Landscape?

Posted on Wed, January 27, 2016

Hardscape features like walkways, patios and entryways can really transform your commercial property and help it stand out.

These additions can give tenants and visitors places to relax and walk around, along with increasing the property’s value.

Once you decide to add these elements to your site, you need to figure out which material to use. And two options are stamped concrete or concrete pavers.

The decision really comes down to:

  • what style you prefer
  • your budget
  • and what benefits you want

Here’s a look at how stamped concrete and pavers compare to help you figure out which is best for your commercial landscape.

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