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3 Hardscape Maintenance Tips For Better Commercial Landscape Longevity

Posted on Tue, November 18, 2014

Your outdoor space is the very first thing your customers, tenants, employees and visitors see when they arrive at your facility. The right combination of landscaping and hardscaping communicate your brand’s sense of quality, style and attention to detail.

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Budgeting For 2015? Make Room For These 3 Design Enhancements

Posted on Thu, November 13, 2014

This is an important time of year: Many Atlanta commercial property managers find themselves budgeting for their 2015 expenses.

Correctly establishing a commercial landscape budget can help you control expenses while fitting in landscape necessities throughout the year. During this process, you’ll want to make sure you include everything you need in your commercial property’s budgets, such as the basic maintenance and other crucial elements. But it’s also important for you to fit in some of the things you want, too; these items usually include building or landscape improvements that can make the overall commercial property better.

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Read The Transcript From HighGrove CEO Jim McCutcheon’s Founders Club Radio Interview

Posted on Wed, November 12, 2014

HighGrove CEO Jim McCutcheon was recently on the air with Business RadioX's John Coffin, sharing the mic with Lee Pritchard, CEO of ProMove.

Founders Club Radio offers listeners behind-the-scenes insights from the founders and leaders of businesses like HighGrove. Jim opened up about everything from his beginnings in the industry to where HighGrove is headed in the future.

Listen to the audio file here, or read the transcript below.

And remember, for more news and updates directly from Jim, check out his PLANET Year in the Life blog.

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What Does This Year’s Salt Shortage Mean For Your Atlanta Commercial Property?

Posted on Thu, November 06, 2014

It feels like just yesterday when just over 2 inches of snowfall shut down metropolitan Atlanta’s roads, schools, churches, government offices and businesses. Thousands of flights were cancelled at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and more than 2,000 school children were separated from their parents and spent the night at buses, police stations or classrooms.

It wasn’t yesterday — but it was just in January 2014.

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What’s The Difference Between French Drains And Trench Drains? Which Is Right For Your Property?

Posted on Thu, October 23, 2014

Take a moment to think about water flow on your commercial property.

Do you have slopes where excess water creates soggy lawn areas? Do rainstorms create standing puddles of water on your hardscape areas? Is runoff from repeat heavy rains creating channels in the lawn or causing damage in hardscapes, such as cracks or sinking sections? Worse, yet, is water flowing close to your commercial facility and causing damage to its foundation?

When it’s not flowing properly on a commercial landscape, water—even when it’s coming down relatively calmly and not in sheets during heavy storms—can cause significant damage over time. Poor water flow can even erode soil and threaten plant materials that don’t like wet feet.

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5 Fall Maintenance Tasks To Get Your Commercial Property Ready For Spring

Posted on Mon, October 13, 2014

Fall is a wonderful and hectic time of year.

Summer has wound down, children are into their busy school schedules and the leaves on the trees are changing color as the temperatures cool. Beautiful fall colors in the form of pansies and violas mixed with colorful kale are bursting from Atlanta commercial landscape beds. These changes have been happening all around us so quickly, but they’ve now settled in. Fall is feeling like it’s finally—officially—here.

But don’t let all this magnificent color distract you from the tasks at hand. While fall may seem like the time to take a break after the busy growing season, it’s not. Once fall is here, winter isn’t usually that far behind.

That’s why autumn is an ideal time to complete the tasks necessary to prepare your commercial property for winter and, more importantly, a fresh and vibrant start come spring. Here are 5 fall essential fall maintenance tasks to prepare your commercial property for the coming seasons.

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Landscape Enhancements To Add The Element Of Surprise On Your Atlanta Commercial Property

Posted on Wed, October 08, 2014

What sets a commercial property apart from all the rest?

A neat, tidy appearance—inside and out.

Easy-to-read, attractive signage.

A great location and a landscape design that complements the building aesthetics.

Sure, all of these things are essential in giving a commercial property great curb appeal for its tenants, visitors and employees.

But what really gets people talking is when all of the above are complete, but there’s also something different that attracts their attention — that “je ne sais quoi.” You might call it a wow factor, or an element of surprise that amazes people.

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Top 4 Fall Maintenance Tasks For Your Atlanta Commercial Property

Posted on Thu, October 02, 2014

Keeping your Atlanta commercial property in tip-top shape is a year-round task.

In spring, we get things going, refreshing the landscape and kicking off the growing season with pops of spring color.

In summer, we amp up the color with all the season’s blooming best, in addition to keeping everything else that is green trimmed, tidy and growing strong.

Then comes autumn. Despite the changes in the landscape and the addition of fall colors, this is definitely not the time to stop caring for your Atlanta commercial landscape. There’s still much work to be done to correctly care for your landscape in this season and properly prepare it for the seasons ahead: winter and, more importantly, next spring.

Here are our recommendations for some of the most important maintenance tasks for Atlanta commercial property managers to include on their fall to-do lists.

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5 Reasons Your Property Needs A Fall Mulch Application

Posted on Fri, September 26, 2014

Fall is the time of year when every Atlanta commercial property could use a little rejuvenation.

As color begins to fade, property managers can enhance their landscapes will fall flowering plants in beds and containers for extended color impact through the autumn season.

Landscape water needs change as well in the fall, so property managers adjust their irrigation schedules.

And pine straw mulch begins to break down and fade in color, too, which means it’s the perfect time for a nice, new layer of mulch.

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Take A Peek Behind The Scenes At HighGrove’s Annual Staff Retreat

Posted on Fri, September 19, 2014

“Good is the enemy of great.”

This quote from French writer, historian and philosopher Voltaire helps sum up the point of Jim Collins’ 2001 book, “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap … And Others Don’t.”

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