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What Are The Best Flowering Trees For Parking Lot Islands?

Posted on Mon, May 11, 2015

Parking lots are necessary additions to most commercial properties. They give their employees, tenants and visitors safe places to park while they conduct their business at the site.

But these essential urban features can be unsightly in their most basic forms. And municipal ordinances sometimes mandate specific parking amounts for different types of commercial properties, not to mention the landscaping that should accompany them.

Nice landscaping in and around parking lots provide many benefits to an Atlanta commercial property. It improves appearance, prevents soil erosion, reduces the property’s carbon footprint, reduces storm water drainage problems, limits wind and noise, and provides heat-reducing shade.

Trees, in fact, can bring a wealth of cooling and aesthetics to these spaces.

However, because parking lots can provide some of the most extreme conditions, including heat and intense sun exposure, as well as compact and infertile soils, the number of flowering trees that do well in these areas is limited. Also, most commercial property owners prefer trees that don’t have a low-branching habit or lots of seed pods, limiting our list of prime trees to plant even further.

Here are our picks for the best flowering trees to plant on your parking lot islands.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Grass With Groundcover?

Posted on Thu, April 30, 2015

They say after its bottled that wine improves and changes with time. Its flavor deepens and enhances, and that vintage becomes more valuable.

The same could be said for a landscape. Soon after the instant it’s designed and installed and the image of perfection, it begins to grow and change. Sunlight, rain and soil provide the nourishment plants need to grow more lush and vibrant and to enhance each season with color and life.

But as things change, maintenance is required to ensure plants continue to receive those same nutrients for growth. And as plants grow, areas that were once in full sun may now be in full shade. This is especially true for turf areas since they are the lowest growing areas of the landscape. In these instances, updates are necessary to keep the landscape thriving.

One way to update turf that is thrust into a less than suitable growing condition is to replace it with something more suitable to those new conditions. But how much does it cost to replace grass with groundcover? Let's dig deeper.

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Pedestrian Safety: What Should I Do With Overgrown Trees And Shrubs?

Posted on Mon, April 27, 2015

Safety is a top concern for many Atlanta commercial property managers. They want employees, tenants and visitors to their facilities—from hospitals to office parks to apartment complexes—to be secure as they go about their days.

Unfortunately, if trees and shrubs are left unmaintained and become overgrown, they can create hazards on a commercial property, particularly when they are near roadways, pathways and entryways.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015

Trees add so much value to an Atlanta commercial property. They clean the air by absorbing pollutants, provide oxygen, conserve energy, save water, help prevent soil erosion and cool the streets and city by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Properly maintained trees can live for many years. Even when trees develop problems, such as insects or diseases, trees can recover with adequate care.

However, sometimes severe tree challenges like rot, decay or insects and diseases that go untreated escalate to uncontrollable levels. That’s when your commercial tree can become a hazard to employees and visitors on your property. In this case, tree removal ensures safety.

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Save Water Now! 6 Retrofits For Atlanta Commercial Irrigation Systems

Posted on Thu, April 09, 2015

Properly designed, installed and maintained landscape irrigation systems are critical to saving water and money on Atlanta commercial properties.

But during spring, when we’re restarting irrigation systems, we tend to find common problems that pop up over time as a result of Mother Nature’s impact on systems and general wear and tear over years of regular use.

The good news is that these problems can usually be corrected with simple retrofits that greatly improve performance. Even on systems that operate just fine, these minor tweaks can make a huge difference in water and cost savings on a typical commercial irrigation system.

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What Are The Best Pathway Materials For High Traffic Areas?

Posted on Tue, March 31, 2015

Getting from Point A to Point B is simple enough. And most of the time we don’t think too much about what we’re walking on. If there’s a path or walkway headed in the right direction, then we’re walking on it.

We only really start to notice it when what we’re stepping on begins to wear. Loose, cracked, lifted, slippery, missing, sinking, muddy — all of these terms are things you don’t want to hear about the walkways in and around your commercial property.

When it comes time to replacing or refreshing the pathways on our clients’ commercial properties, it’s common for them to ask us this: What are the best materials for pathways?

Great question. And whether we’re talking about cutting across large parking lot islands or passing through a quiet courtyard, the path you provide your tenants and visitors should never make them think twice. There are tons of options when it comes to hardscaping commercial properties. Here’s a closer look at some of the best pathway materials for high foot traffic areas.

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Weekly Vs. Bi-Weekly Commercial Landscape Maintenance Program — What’s Best?

Posted on Tue, March 17, 2015

“What commercial landscape maintenance program is best for my property? Do I need weekly or bi-weekly visits?” We get this question enough — especially from northern transplants — we thought it was time to address it in a blog and reassure property managers that they’re doing the right thing.

Whether it’s extreme cold in the winter or desert-like summer conditions, a bi-weekly commercial landscape maintenance program is something that’s a bit more common in parts of the country that experience more severe seasonal highs and lows.

Here, in and around Atlanta, a weekly landscape maintenance program is the most popular choice by far for commercial property managers. But why? Can once a week versus every other week make that much of a difference when it comes to the health and beauty of your landscape? Let’s take a closer look at the importance of frequent and consistent landscape maintenance.

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Upgrade These 4 Overlooked Commercial Site Furnishings This Spring

Posted on Mon, March 09, 2015

“Out with the old, in with the new.” If that doesn’t sum up spring, I don’t know what does. Each spring offers your commercial landscape a fresh start. From new growth on trees and shrubs to a fresh layer of mulch and colorful bedding plants, spring gives property managers another chance at bragging rights.

Many of our clients also look at spring as a way for us to help them keep up with the times by upgrading or replacing many of their site furnishings with something newer and more durable. First impressions carry so much weight nowadays and you never know who’s looking — like your next tenant.

When it comes to commercial landscape design, it’s easy and all too common to overlook site furnishings and get wrapped up in plans for lush turf, sweet smelling blossoms and a landscape of colorful annuals.

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The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass For Commercial Properties

Posted on Fri, February 20, 2015

The look, feel and smell of fresh cut grass — one of your landscape’s irreplaceable features. When maintained properly, natural grass can be a beautiful thing. But sometimes heavy foot traffic or goals to reduce irrigation output on your commercial property can turn that beauty into more of a hassle.

That said, have you given any thought to going artificial? Artificial turf that is.

Long gone are the days when installing artificial turf meant you were giving up the right for a natural looking landscape. Today’s synthetic turf options resemble seamless, lush sod and come in a variety of lengths and shades to blend in “naturally” with the surroundings.

Due to its no water, minimal care requirements, HighGrove has commercial clients currently benefitting from the strategic use of artificial turf on their sites, but it is for everyone? Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of artificial grass for commercial properties.

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Therapeutic Garden Design — 6 Workplace Benefits Of A Corporate Garden

Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015

Computer screens, cubicle walls, bad posture, noisy coworkers — those are just some of the less than glamorous things you might associate with working in an office setting. What if, instead, your office building tenants thought about sunshine, outdoor lunch meetings and sweet smelling flowers.

Commercial property managers of office buildings/parks are in a unique position to improve their tenants’ productivity and well-being through corporate gardens — thoughtfully designed and maintained interactive landscapes.

Whether your corporate garden blends outdoor seating and walking paths into the landscape or actually encourages office workers to get their hands a little dirty, well-documented research has proven — especially for medical facilities — that there are multiple therapeutic benefits of landscapes and gardens on people.

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