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3 Retention Pond Maintenance Essentials To Keep You Up To Code

Posted on Wed, November 18, 2015

Water management is a vital part of a healthy and efficient commercial property. And one feature that can help with that is a retention pond.

Retention ponds help manage stormwater runoff, erosion and flooding issues. These artificial lakes permanently hold water and are normally surrounded by some type of vegetation.

Property management companies in Georgia are required to maintain their retention ponds to make sure the stormwater on their properties is properly collected.

This may not be news to you, but to ensure your retention pond is working and complies with codes, the city and/or county will perform annual or biannual inspections. So, it’s important the ponds meet all of the requirements and run at full capacity.

Things that can cause a retention pond to be out of code include:

  • having too much debris
  • not running properly
  • not meeting the city or county’s specific, predefined requirements

If your property’s retention pond isn’t up to code, you could face fines. To avoid that unpleasantry, here are three retention pond maintenance must-dos to help you stay proactive and keep your retention pond up to code.

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5 Of The United States' Coolest Urban Renewal Projects

Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015

No one enjoys passing by a deserted building or decaying parking lot — let alone spend time there. Some cities understand that and actually are making some changes.

Mid- to large-size cities have started to see the benefits of tearing down these unsightly areas and creating places people want to live, work, visit and shop.

With these urban renewal projects, cities turn rundown, concrete areas into revitalized, sustainable spaces. These projects help improve and redevelop areas that are deteriorating or older.

Not only do urban renewal projects create a sense of community pride, but they also:

  • stimulate the local economy
  • reduce crime
  • attract new business
  • enhance property values

Recent census data has also shown the nation’s largest cities are growing faster than surrounding suburbs, in part because of the accessibility of transportation, more green space and updated neighborhoods.

Atlanta and other urban cities are incorporating renewal projects into their communities. Here’s a look at the Atlanta BeltLine and four more of the country’s coolest urban renewal projects.

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The Millennials' Impact — 6 Commercial Real Estate Trends In Atlanta

Posted on Mon, November 02, 2015

There’s more to the millennial generation than being obsessed with smartphones and the mentality of working to live — and it’s important you understand this age group because they are having some major effects on today’s commercial real estate market.

To give you some background, here’s a breakdown and some stats on the people who make up this generation, according to Business Magazine Gainesville:

  • Born between 1980 and 2004
  • Also known as Generation Y
  • Made up of about 80 million people
  • Spend about $600 million a year
  • Expected to spend more than $1 trillion annually by 2020

Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, according to the Brookings Institute.

Not only is this generation our future, but it’s also affecting the real estate industry now. So, it’s important to understand what they’re looking for and start implementing it into your property.

Here are six key effects millennials are presently having on commercial real estate.

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The SunTrust Park Effect: A Look Beyond The Atlanta Braves New Home

Posted on Mon, October 19, 2015

When your project budget is more than $1 billion, there are bound to be high expectations — and that’s definitely the case with the Atlanta Braves’ construction of SunTrust Park along with a new entertainment district by the name of The Battery Atlanta.

The Atlanta Braves will move from their downtown home at Turner Field — where they’ve been since the 1997 season — to SunTrust Park in Cumberland in 2017. The stadium, parking and related infrastructure is set to cost $672 million, according to the Cobb County Government’s records. They are also constructing an entertainment district for $400 million.

This project is not only a first for Cobb County, but it will also include some components that are unique on a national level. We take a look at what you can expect to see with SunTrust Park.

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Stormwater Management Plan — 10 Signs You Have Poor Drainage

Posted on Wed, September 30, 2015

Too much of a good thing: That’s exactly what stormwater can become on your commercial property, especially if it’s not properly managed.

Luckily, this potentially costly water problem has telltale signs, so you can spot and address the issue(s) immediately.

Here are 10 red flags your commercial property has poor drainage as well as a closer look into how these drainage issues spurred on by poor stormwater management can damage your Atlanta property.

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Can Commercial Landscape Lighting Improve Security On My Property?

Posted on Wed, September 23, 2015

You’ve probably seen how lighting can enhance properties in and around Atlanta, highlighting the architecture and landscape. Commercial landscape lighting systems can really bring your Atlanta property to life at night.

But beyond making your building and landscape visually appealing, you also want your lighting to serve a purpose. It can make the property safer at night for visitors or tenants to walk around the grounds.

But will landscape lighting also improve security?

Here’s a look at how commercial landscape lighting will improve the security on your Atlanta property as well as where to install it to have the most impact.

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Lunch Outside? 7 Patio Design Ideas for Office Buildings

Posted on Wed, September 16, 2015

No one likes to sit inside an office the whole day when there’s beautiful weather outdoors. And with fall starting to make its way to the Atlanta area, tenants and employees are going to want to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

You can give them the perfect space to relax outdoors by installing a patio at your office building. Not only will it help boost morale and keep people on site, but the patio can also become a meeting spot and create curb appeal for your property.

This outdoor space can be a real selling point for people who like a change of scenery during the day or just want to enjoy lunch outside, instead of at their desk or in a break room.

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4 Problems With Using Subcontractors For Atlanta Commercial Landscaping

Posted on Wed, September 09, 2015

Many Atlanta commercial landscaping companies employ experts and tradespeople to conduct the work that needs to be done on your commercial properties. They’ll supplement the rest of the work with subcontractors.

Subcontracting is a common practice among small and large professional service businesses. It can look like this:

  1. Typically, the owner of a business will meet with you to develop solutions to your problems and recommend a plan of action and job cost estimates.
  2. From there, many times a subcontractor will handle the day-to-day work that’s required.
  3. The business owner will oversee the subcontractor’s work while it’s in process, hopefully checking for quality and accuracy when it’s completed.
  4. Then the owner will bill the client directly for all of the work, dispersing payment to subcontractors as needed.

While subcontracting enables a landscape contractor to become a one-stop shop for your commercial property, there are some problems that can arise with using subcontractors.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Trench Drain?

Posted on Tue, August 25, 2015

Think about the last rainstorm that came through the area.

Did you pay attention to how the stormwater flowed on your Atlanta commercial property? Were there puddles that collected in some low spots on hardscapes or between hardscapes and lawns?

Maybe water always collects there. Maybe puddles even pooled in areas you didn’t expect. Is rain flowing in repeated patterns down slopes causing strange curvy or roughly shaped lines in your lawn?

And, worst of all, are you seeing all this excess water in some areas causing lawns to yellow or brown and some plant material to perform poorly with wilting leaves and stunted growth?

Commercial property managers often underestimate the critical importance of drainage in their landscapes. Poor water flow can erode soil, threaten plant material and cause damage to building foundations. Where land is flat, soils are dense with clay or water tables are high, a well-designed drainage system is top priority.

And most hardscapes on commercial properties often experience more runoff than landscapes due to the lack of water absorption.

Trench drains can be a great solution for this runoff. With trench drains, you can accelerate the movement of water or intercept and redirect subsurface water. Water always takes the path of least resistance, so it would much rather travel through drain pipes than force its way through soil or collect on hardscapes.

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The 5 Best Shrubs In Atlanta For Retail Properties

Posted on Tue, August 18, 2015

On your commercial retail property, plant materials serve many functions.

First, and most obviously, they serve an aesthetic purpose—plants create a visually appealing environment that draws visitors in, boosts curb appeal and increases property values.

They also serve structural purposes, creating organization and defining spaces in the landscape.

And when you really get down to it,  plants are utilitarian. They can be used to block views, provide areas with cooling shade, clean the air, filter and slow the flow of stormwater and prevent erosion.

The plants we choose for commercial landscapes meet all of these purposes. For structure and utility, you could argue that trees and large- to medium-sized shrubs are the most important plants in the landscape.

Here are our picks for the five best shrubs in Atlanta for commercial properties, particularly in the retail sector.

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