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3 Ways to Enhance Your Shopping Center Signage

Posted on Fri, February 05, 2016

Shopping centers can live or die based on the success of their signage. You need people to not only see your property but also have signs that make them want to stop and shop.

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Stamped Concrete vs. Pavers: Which is Best for Your Commercial Landscape?

Posted on Wed, January 27, 2016

Hardscape features like walkways, patios and entryways can really transform your commercial property and help it stand out.

These additions can give tenants and visitors places to relax and walk around, along with increasing the property’s value.

Once you decide to add these elements to your site, you need to figure out which material to use. And two options are stamped concrete or concrete pavers.

The decision really comes down to:

  • what style you prefer
  • your budget
  • and what benefits you want

Here’s a look at how stamped concrete and pavers compare to help you figure out which is best for your commercial landscape.

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Upgrading Your Irrigation System with More Efficient Components: What You Need to Know

Posted on Wed, January 20, 2016

Irrigation systems are a must for Atlanta landscapes. They take the guesswork out of irrigation schedules and help your turf and plants get the right amount of water.

But do you want to make your system even more efficient?

To take your commercial landscape’s system to another level, consider adding cost-efficient upgrade components.

Here’s a look at the options, benefits and costs of upgrading your commercial irrigation system.

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How Have Commercial Landscape Trends Changed in Atlanta?

Posted on Tue, January 12, 2016

Atlanta is a city that never stays still and is always evolving.

To keep your property from falling behind the times, stay tuned into what customers and tenants expect in 2016.

Here’s how commercial landscape trends have changed — and remained the same — in Atlanta.

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Avoid These 6 Last-Minute Commercial Landscaping Budget Mistakes

Posted on Fri, December 11, 2015

No one wants to hear something they need isn’t in the budget.

To prevent that from happening with your Atlanta commercial landscaper, you need to create a solid budget that includes everything you need now and also addresses your long-term goals.

We are smack dab in the middle of budget season.

When it comes to figuring out your commercial landscaping budget for 2016, do your best to avoid making these six budgeting mistakes to ensure your property’s landscaping gets the attention and care it deserves — all year long.

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How Can My Commercial Property Reduce Water Usage In 2016?

Posted on Wed, December 09, 2015

Instead of making personal New Year’s resolutions about working out more or cutting back on carbs, why not redirect that focus to your commercial property by making the decision that 2016 will be the year you improve your water usage rates?

Our suggestion? Start outside.

Here are five ways Atlanta property owners can reduce water consumption throughout their commercial landscape.

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4 Ways To Prevent Slip-And-Falls On Your Commercial Property This Winter

Posted on Thu, December 03, 2015

You don’t have to think back very far to remember the last major ice storm in Atlanta. Just last year, the city saw an ice storm that left thousands stranded and even more without power.

We had 40 of our vehicles on the road during the first 30 minutes of the 2014 storm. Our HighGrove Partners team members ended up clocking 2,000 man-hours in the next 72 hours of the event.

Ice and snow can create dangerous conditions, from impassable roadways to slick sidewalks and parking lots. And if your commercial property isn’t prepared for ice, you will be liable for any injuries that occur there.

Here are ways to prevent slip-and-fall accidents on your property this winter.

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3 Retention Pond Maintenance Essentials To Keep You Up To Code

Posted on Wed, November 18, 2015

Water management is a vital part of a healthy and efficient commercial property. And one feature that can help with that is a retention pond.

Retention ponds help manage stormwater runoff, erosion and flooding issues. These artificial lakes permanently hold water and are normally surrounded by some type of vegetation.

Property management companies in Georgia are required to maintain their retention ponds to make sure the stormwater on their properties is properly collected.

This may not be news to you, but to ensure your retention pond is working and complies with codes, the city and/or county will perform annual or biannual inspections. So, it’s important the ponds meet all of the requirements and run at full capacity.

Things that can cause a retention pond to be out of code include:

  • having too much debris
  • not running properly
  • not meeting the city or county’s specific, predefined requirements

If your property’s retention pond isn’t up to code, you could face fines. To avoid that unpleasantry, here are three retention pond maintenance must-dos to help you stay proactive and keep your retention pond up to code.

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5 Of The United States' Coolest Urban Renewal Projects

Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015

No one enjoys passing by a deserted building or decaying parking lot — let alone spend time there. Some cities understand that and actually are making some changes.

Mid- to large-size cities have started to see the benefits of tearing down these unsightly areas and creating places people want to live, work, visit and shop.

With these urban renewal projects, cities turn rundown, concrete areas into revitalized, sustainable spaces. These projects help improve and redevelop areas that are deteriorating or older.

Not only do urban renewal projects create a sense of community pride, but they also:

  • stimulate the local economy
  • reduce crime
  • attract new business
  • enhance property values

Recent census data has also shown the nation’s largest cities are growing faster than surrounding suburbs, in part because of the accessibility of transportation, more green space and updated neighborhoods.

Atlanta and other urban cities are incorporating renewal projects into their communities. Here’s a look at the Atlanta BeltLine and four more of the country’s coolest urban renewal projects.

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The Millennials' Impact — 6 Commercial Real Estate Trends In Atlanta

Posted on Mon, November 02, 2015

There’s more to the millennial generation than being obsessed with smartphones and the mentality of working to live — and it’s important you understand this age group because they are having some major effects on today’s commercial real estate market.

To give you some background, here’s a breakdown and some stats on the people who make up this generation, according to Business Magazine Gainesville:

  • Born between 1980 and 2004
  • Also known as Generation Y
  • Made up of about 80 million people
  • Spend about $600 million a year
  • Expected to spend more than $1 trillion annually by 2020

Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, according to the Brookings Institute.

Not only is this generation our future, but it’s also affecting the real estate industry now. So, it’s important to understand what they’re looking for and start implementing it into your property.

Here are six key effects millennials are presently having on commercial real estate.

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